Paradise Overdose

The decadent chic of Bahamian high life collides with bittersweet romance in this poignant and powerful novel that explores the redemptive power of love. Chris Angostura, the scion of a prominent family, frolics away his days and nights drinking and club hopping in the Bahamas, where sex and drugs are his for the taking. It is not until he meets Robin, a beautiful and exciting artist, that he begins to face his past in order to discover the true beauty behind the seductive facade of paradise.

“If Thomas McGuane, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Buffett collaborated on a novel, the result would surely resemble Paradise Overdose… This is a funny, poignant, energetic, and thoroughly entertaining debut.” -Jay McInerney

“Nothing short of a force-10 hurricane is the impact of Brian Antoni’s first novel about turbulent and turgid goings-on in the bahamas. An astonishing debut!” -George Plimpton

“Anyone with the diligence to open themeselves up to some true heartbreak will be rewarded with the privilege of reading one of the most powerful debuts to hit the bookshelves in a long time.” -Boston Herald

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South Beach: The Novel

In South Beach: The Novel Antoni further explores the highs and lows of high life. He explores the growing pains of South Beach’s transformation from God’s Waiting Room and Castro’s dumping ground to America’s Riviera.

“Gabriel Tucker is a globe trotting 29 year old living off the trust fun established for him by his grandfather until he receives a letter from his uncle, the executor of the fund, notifying him that he’s lost all their money, and is about to leap to his death from Gabriel’s one remaining possession, an apartment building in South Beach, Miami. Suddenly alone and for the first time, completely brok, Gabriel retreats to the home he’s never known and finds there among the fashion designers, supermodels, refugees, Holocaust survivors, rapacious developers and assorted hedonists- a family he never knew he had and a love he never dreamed he deserved.”

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