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South Beach Laid Bare

Posted: 3:10 AM, March 6, 2008

South Beach has a new diet users are sure to find addictive. Brian Antoni, whom Jay McInerney dubbed “the unofficial mayor” of the Miami playground, has just released “South Beach: The Novel.” Local A-listers should be sweating over how much of this fiction is reality. There’s in sight into the stories we know, like the Italian designer who throws his credit card at strippers and is later murdered in front of his man sion. And the ones we’ve heard rumors about – the German developer who finds himself in an extremely graphic “Crying Game” remake sounds a lot like a certain real developer. Patrick McMullan blurbed the book, saying he “recognized the bold doings of many a boldfaced name.” Supposedly fictitious gossip columns spread throughout the novel recount the adventures of everyone from Madonna to Paris Hilton to Diddy.

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