Praise for South Beach: The Novel

“South Beach: The Novel is one part fairy tale, one part travelogue, and one part X-tube porn video mixed with several tabs of Xtasy. Decadence has never seemed so sweet and innocent as it does in Brian Antoni’s lost world of deco and disco in pre-millennial Miami.”
– Jay McInerney

“Glamour and sex. Champagne and ecstasy. Finally, a South Beach diet I can stick to.”
– Mark Haskell Smith, author of Salty and Delicious

“Forget everything you’ve heard about South Beach, for Brian Antoni, maestro of the strange—and long-time SoBe impresario in his actual life—has come along to set the record straight. Readers who step inside the doors of the fabulous Venus De Milo Arms might be able to check out, as the song goes, but they can never leave. Strap on your crash helmet, Bubbe—this book is one wild and crazy (and all too true) ride.”
– Les Standiford, author of Last Train to Paradise

“From the old Jewish retirees and Cuban refugees to Miami’s greedy developers and international super celebs. Wild and scary sex scenes but also tender love and redemption. Brian Antoni is the unofficial mayor of South Beach. This tour of America’s most decadent, nauseatingly hip time and place is hilarious, moving, extremely readable and picture perfect. You might just recognize some boldface names and their bold doings, I did.”
– Patrick McMullan, author of S0 ‘80s and Glamour Girls

“Brian Antoni has written a fizzy and fantasy-filled new novel, South Beach. It’s just as wild and edgy and sexy as South Beach itself.”
– David Leddick, author of In the Spirit of Miami Beach

“Brian Antoni brilliantly captures that fleeting moment when South Beach was young and wild, where New Yorkers, the international fashion crowd and Miami’s choice specimens of beauty created the cultural combustion that defined America’s newest decadent/sensual destination. Antoni lived among these pioneers, social mavericks, artists, image elitists and real-estate predators who inspire this memorable novel.”
– Glenn Albin, Editor in Chief of Ocean Drive Magazine

“In his book, South Beach: The Novel, Brian Antoni perfectly captures the essence of this wild, crazy, surreal, pharmaceutically and alcohol fueled place. He writes about people and events here with a connoisseur’s discerning eye, which should not be surprising, considering he’s had a front row seat to it all for years.”
– Carolina Garcia Aguilera, author of Havana Heat


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